Performance - Di Filippo Exhaust

Di Filippo use high quality 409 stainless or mild steel when mandrel bending our components. Their high performance ceramic-coated extractor systems will provide the power you're looking for as well as keeping your under bonnet temperature down.

Mandrel Bending of exhausts is the best method of bending piping without introducing restrictions. A mandrel bent pipe maintains it's diameter right the way through the bend. If a pipe is not mandrel bent, although it may claim to be a 3" system, it will be less than 2 1/2" at the bends which restricts flow.

Just about anyone can bend tubing and call themselves a Header company. But to design, test and manufacture headers and exhaust systems that many believe are the best in Australia, you've got to do more than just bend, weld and paint. You have to be a company that is specialised in total exhaust engineering for maximum performance, durability, appearance and sound. A company that knows performance.

Di Filippo Performance Exhaust products are just such a company. Di Filippo believe that exhaust products - including everything from headers to complete tuned exhaust systems need to be conceived, researched, designed and tested thoroughly and only when they're satisfied, is their product ready for production, and they carry the same commitment to excellence through all stages of the manufacturing process.

This means that whenever you purchase any Di Filippo product you can be assured that it will meet every demand, it will fit, seal and flow for optimum performance and it's quality of construction will be matched only by it's appearance.

Holden exhaust systems Systems to suit:

VT-VE 5.7 Gen III V8, Monaro, Sedan & Ute
VT 5.0 V8, Sedan & Ute
VS V8 Commodore (with I.R.S.)
VN-VS V8 Commodore (without I.R.S.)
VL Commodore 6 cyl, Turbo & Non-Turbo
HQ-WB with VN 5.0 EFI V8, (Headers only)
HK-T-G, S/B Chev (Headers only)
Ford exhaust systems Systems to suit:

BA V8, Sedan, Ute & XR8
BA 6 cyl, Sedan, Ute (XT & XR6)
BA XR6 (Non-Turbo)
BA XR6 Turbo, Sedan & Ute
AU V8, Sedan & Ute
AU 6 cyl, (with I.R.S.) Sedan
EB-EL V8, Sedan
EA-AU 6 cyl, (Non I.R.S.) Sedan & Ute

Di Filippo Holden System