Performance - European Cars

AutoWerks are authorised fitters and suppliers of Powerchip. For more information about Powerchip, read this brochure. Unlike other Powerchip dealers, we test on the dyno after fitting and fine tune the Powerchip program until AFR's etc are perfect. It is a very complex process on these vehicles.

We make and fit custom headers and exhausts to suit your Euro vehicle. Our custom exhausts matched with Powerchip make a great combination!


Why use Powerchip?

One of the most common questions we are asked is "Why should I install a Powerchip in my engine?". The answer is simple. Unless you have modified your engine with technology from Powerchip, you are simply not utilizing the true potential of your car.

We can give you the performance you deserve and unlock the hidden reserves in your engine, which means you can get even more enjoyment from possibly one of your most valuable assets.

For further reading, here is an interesting article by one of our technicians - Is Powerchip smarter than the manufacturers?.

Part Throttle

Of all the major advantages that Powerchip has over its competitors is our attention to ensuring that the maximum benefits are gained where you need it most. Our customers have told us that the vast majority of their driving is spent in stop/start major city road, built up traffic, and on freeways.

Most of our customers do not get the opportunity to use their car at 'full throttle' for any more than a few minutes per day.

In the engine management system, the car's mapping is separated into two distinct areas - part throttle and full throttle. The car has a different set of instructions that it uses based on the driver's foot and where it is in relation to the accelerator travel.

The position of the accelerator is referred to as throttle position, and it is normally expressed in percentages. When the car is at idle, it is at 0-10% throttle position.

In normal driving, the driver is varying the throttle position input constantly, which means that the area of change we make is very noticeable on the road.

Full Throttle

The place that most red-blooded males like their foot to be is flush against the carpet on full throttle, and the dynamometer measures on full throttle.

The important aspect of full throttle tuning is discovering the areas where advancing ignition spark timing is possible, whilst balancing this against pinging (usually at the point of peak torque), particularly on gear changes.

With the Powerchip fitted, the motor will run with more power and torque to improve the way the vehicle feels on the road.

Transmission Shifting Technology

Drivers of automatic vehicles will be familiar with the usual problem of the gearbox shifting not matching the throttle position or rev points in the correct way.

Our technical department has remapped several automatic transmission systems, to kick-down more readily, select the correct gear every time, and launch more confidently.

If you have ever felt disappointment with the way your automatic shifts gears, you should ask about our transmission shifting changes for your vehicle!