Performance - Remus Exhaust


REMUS Exhaust Austria is the world’s largest exhaust manufacturer employing 500 people. They have been designing and producing exhaust systems for the past 21 years. REMUS guarantee quality and precision with every exhaust system built. REMUS manufactures exhaust systems for the world’s largest manufactures for cars & motorcycles. REMUS distributes their exhaust systems to over 60 countries world wide.

All REMUS exhaust systems are manufactured in stainless steel and are designed to fit with the factory mounting points. All exhaust systems are designed from scratch up utilizing 21 years of sound and design experience to address key aspects such as back pressure, tube diameter, and muffler configuration to ensure a finely tuned sound and performance increase and most importantly to work in conjunction with your ECU engine control unit to ensure perfect running of your car or motorcycle once a REMUS exhaust is fitted. Once fitted power testing begins with hundreds of hours spent to ensure proven dyno performance gains are produced.

In 2002 REMUS built a start of the art Research & Development centre, which houses modern hi-tech certified facilities such as the sound & acoustic test room with a roller dyno and hundreds of microphones strategically positioned for simulate various RPM and load points to fine tune the sound of every newly developed exhaust system.

Once the indoor sound & acoustic engineering is completed of a newly developed exhaust system, REMUS conduct and simulate real world conditions on their state or of the art heated pass-by test track. This track enables sound measurement of passing vehicles & motorcycles under acceleration and makes it possible to go through the whole development process of an exhaust in-house.

You can be assured when you purchase a REMUS exhaust it has been designed and finetuned for your car or motorcycle. It will surpass your expectations and deliver that legendary deep mature REMUS sound that has become an icon the world over.