I first went to Sonny in 2005 for a power steering cooler and a transmission cooler, in 2006 I embarked on the biggest project of my life ... I handed control of that project to Sonny and never for a minute have I regretted that decision.

In 2005 I purchased an HSV Coupe 4, this car from the factory made 193kW at the wheels. Despite having the famous LS1 V8 putting out 270kW the automatic gearbox and the AWD drive train drains a huge 28% of the power. The car was quick, but not fast. I decided this car was a keeper, but it had to be special. What followed was bigger than I ever expected, the more I changed the car the more I wanted things perfect. I didn't want to cut corners and I didn't want things done on the cheap. As it stands now there isn't much left under the body work that is the way HSV built it, Sonny has replaced pretty much everything, much it had to be custom made ... the results ? Better than factory ! The car is a work of art, everything is done to perfection and it is now sending 376kW through the wheels, possibly more as I have just had the gearbox strengthened.

I am absolutely stoked with the work Sonny and his team does, I take all my cars to AutoWerks now, I won't go anywhere else. I can trust that the car will be looked after and I know that the job will be done right first time every time. It doesn't matter if the car is a little hatch back or a $100,000 sports car, they are all treated the same. The boys are always clean, the shop is immaculate, the work is second to none and the cars are treated as if they were Sonny's pride and joy.

Thanks Sonny.


Well after one week with my new found power in my GTS the smile still cannot be wiped from my face!!!

Absolutely stoked with everything about it. I can take my mum in it and she's none the wiser……or I can take dad in it and melt his face off haha!

It’s just as you said, none of the drivability has been compromised but at the quick stab of the throttle the beast is unleashed!

Turn traction off and the tyres can be smoked first, second and third at whim……..put it in "track" mode and it puts the power down and it's just a rocket!

Very happy with the service you provided and the work done and you'll definitely be seeing me again when the "urge" for more power arises…… well that urge is already here haha just need to let the bank balance build back up!

Once again many thanks and will not hesitate in recommending your shop.

Sam D

I would like to thank you and Autowerks for undertaking the upgrades to my new VF Clubsport R8. The W375 package sounds fantastic and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Every time I start the engine, it sends shivers up my spine. I love it.

At first I was very hesitant to have a brand new vehicle with a considerable amount of horsepower, sent away for modifications, to add even more power. I was concerned about potential damage to the body work or any other issues that may occur. My fears were completely misplaced as I quickly realised the care and attention you treated the vehicle with, was equal to mine.

You've changed my mind on aftermarket modifications. From now on, all my vehicles will be modified as soon as I take delivery - hopefuly the next one will be supercharged!


In 2007 I was looking for someone to build a late model Ute for me ,having built several early model cars I was now too busy to do anymore at that stage and late model computers where out of my league, after searching I had narrowed it down to a couple of shops, i decided to use Sonny as I couldn’t find a bad word said about his work, Sonny picked up a brand new VE Ute I had ordered from a dealer near him and set about the first stage of mods, he built an LSX 440 ci engine, stripped the front of the Ute and fitted it also added a T51 R garret turbo ,intercooler, fuel system ect,this one one of the first if not the first VE to be modded, Deff the first with this level of mods, Sonny then set about tuning it as there was no software for the VE available at that point in time, ended up making about 480 kw at the wheels and was a weapon to drive, he also fitted a set of harrop extreme brakes and a few other things. I picked the Ute up and had some fun with it for about a year, then got used to the power as Sonny said I would, so after a few chats with Sonny the Ute went back to him for stage 2 of mods. Car was stripped again; a new LSX 440 cube engine was built using the latest LSX block, a good set of heads and internals Etc. New engine was slotted in and he then went about fitting a second T51R turbo, computer and fuse box was moved to behind driver’s seat to make room to fit it, custom turbo pipework was made,custom intercooler and pipework, new fuel system was fitted,shauns custom intake ect.Just about everything for the car had to be made custom.Custom tune by Sonny which punched out a staggering 825 RWKW or 1106 RWHP, extremely happy with this.The car can be driven normally off boost and is an animal on boost,all this in a fully registered and street looking ute.The ute has featured in a couple of magazines, has cleaned up at car shows and has won a few dyno comps.It can also destroy a set of tires in no time at all which it has done at events many times.

Thanks to Sonny for building the car which was ahead of its time and still is one of the most powerful true street cars.

But you don’t need me to tell you how good Autowerks is, go down and check it out yourself,you will see the quality of the workshop and the work being done on some truly awesome cars.

Dave Carter

I took my beloved Passat R36 to Sonny and said, "make it go faster, make it go smoother, give me some more torque, give me better fuel consumption BUT don't in any way spoil the everyday driveability and reliability . He delivered on all accounts. I didn't want a monster but I wanted it improved and Sonny delivered. I am very happy with the result of an ECU tune, air filter and sprint booster and can highly recommend this process and Autowerks to my friends."


I recently sent my ECU Interstate to Sonny at Autowerks for a tune and some K&N filters. I was a little hesitant initially due to the amount of trouble I had with my previous tune from another shop (Engine light on, hard to start).

While I don't have any dyno numbers I can say the car pulls like a train and idles perfectly. I sent my ECU on Tuesday and had it back Friday morning. My only complaint is Im going to run out of rear tires fairly quickly.

If you are considering purchasing a tune you should definitely put Autowerks on your list. Sonny's Knowledge of Mercedes vehicles and customer service is outstanding. He even called me out of business hours to check everything was ok. I believe he has tuned the quickest C63 in Australia (or one of), which only has ECU upgrade, Filters and one of his custom exhaust's. It ran an 11.8.


I'd like to say a huge thanks to Sonny and the team from Autowerks enhancement division for making my dream car a reality. I first got to know of sonny from sifting through pages of forums and his name kept coming up, I thought to myself "who the hell is this guy"

When I visited his workshop the first thing I noticed was how sterile it was. He stopped what he was doing to show me some of his projects then we sat down and worked out exactly what I wanted! Not what he wanted to slap on. What I wanted, and how far I was going to go with it.

The customer service was second to none and I was sold immediately!

A couple months later he began work on twin turbo'ing my 05 GTO. Throughout the whole process he kept me informed on what was happening and where they were at. I even dropped into the workshop unannounced from time to time to check the progress and always felt very welcome.

Parts of this build had to be custom made to make it just right and it was no surprise to learn that the quality and craftsmanship was like no other with these guys. When the hardware was complete I sat in on the dyno session and that's where Sonny took it to another level! Not only were the power and torque levels amazing, it was so finely tuned to deliver that level of power so smoothly and efficiently, It actually has better fuel economy now, than when it was stock.

The best part is that I can drive this car daily and you wouldn't suspect a thing, it can be so calm and sedate, but then when its unleashed, the real excitement begins! It turns into a possessed monster. Thats exactly what I asked for, stealthy but will leave supercars struggling to keep up.

If I could say anything negative about Autowerks, it would be that they are perfectionists and wont let a car leave the shop until it's just right. The insomnia was worth it.

Overall, it has been a very good experience for me. Communication, satisfaction, straight up advice and true performance is what stood out for me. From now on, I will only ever take my car to Autowerks for servicing or upgrades and would highly recommend to anyone else considering it.


wow what great feeling it was driving home after getting my clubby sorted out by sonny and his team, just bought a vz clubby, got dicked around by a circus full of clowns, thats 3 of my local workshops. then made a call to autowerks, then drove the 5 hours to sydney and left the car with sonny and nothing to hard for them to fix, and with a very well run and spotless workshop. i will be driving the 10 hour return trip without a second thought for any work on my clubby, thank you to all the team at autowerks.


I just wanna express my experience with Autowerks Automotive Wakinshaw Performance. From the moment I walked into Autowerks, till the moment I left, the whole experience was satisfying with Sonny explaining to me what the package consisted of to what power numbers it would make. He was very honest and nice and took the time to explain everything to me as I was purchasing a very special vehicle and wanted a very special package. He wasn’t being the typical salesman, he wanted to make sure I got the right package to suit me.I was very impressed,you need more dealers like Sonny on your team. The delivery of my vehicle was also impressive, Sonny took the time to explain to me and run me thru the package.Its been a week now since I picked up my 25th anniversary Maloo,I have to say the package is very impressive and the performance has just blown me away. I want to say you guys at Walkinshaw Performance combined with Sonny@Autowerks have done a fantastic job. I could honestly say a job well done to Walkinshaw Performance & Sonny@Autowerks.....I have a big smile from ear to ear & am very happy with my package. One more thing I would like to point out is, Sonny called me a few days later to make sure I was happy with everything and said, do not hesiatate to bother us with any little questions or issues you may have, a few days later I took him up on that offer, & I have to say the after sales service was incredible with sonny answering all the questions & contacting me back right away…..I'm very impressed fella’s, keep the good work up, I will spread the good word.

George - HSV Maloo 25th Anniversary

Hi my name is Nelson, I've been fortunate enough to purchase a 2012 HSV GTS…. i'm a person that doesn’t mind paying a little more for quality products & services hence buying the GTS and hence taking my baby to Autowerks Walkinshaw Performance for the transformation process. A friend of mind told me about Sonny that had expereicned his services and spoke highly of him. So of I went to Sonny to discuss my options with Walkinshaw products. Sonny was really helpful and ran all the options past me in detail taking the time to explain all the options to me.

I must say I was impressed… Sonny’s workshop was really impressive super clean like a surgey with high end vehicles like lamborghini’s/ AMG’S/BMW’S, along with a assortment of GTS’S & SS Commodres in the shop… I felt safe at that point to leave my car in Sonny’s hands. I left my car with sonny for the Walkinshaw transformation, he kept me informed along the way & then the day came to pick the GTS up…… On first glance in the engine bay I was so impressive with a super neat job and that walkinshaw blower just looked so OEM and impressive… It put a real big smile on my face… Then sonny fired it up and ohhh….The sound of the walkinshaw exhaust just blew me away…. I had a smile from ear to ear…The performance of my GTS was just transformed. The perfomance was just breath taking, super smooth and very fast !!! I'm glad I chose Sonny to Walkinshaw enhance my vehicle as he delivered as he promised. I wont hesitate to recommend sonny and his team, they run a very tight professional operation. Thanks Sonny/Walkinshaw Performance.